About Us

When you have found the right buyer, you will need a strong escrow company to help you navigate through the unknown. That is who we are. Escrow Junction, Inc. has been the local independent escrow company in the High Desert for over 34 years. Our escrow officers have over 100 years of combined experience.

Why Choose Us

Family-Oriented Community Leaders

Since opening our doors in 1986, Escrow Junction has always been committed to giving back to our local community of the High Desert as well as empowering the real estate community.

Over 65,000 Escrows Closed

Escrow Junction’s experienced and trustworthy escrow officers have over 100 years of combined experience and have closed over 65,000 transactions.

Your Local Independent Escrow

Escrow Junction is truly an independent neutral third party with no ties to any real estate broker, lender or title company. No two transactions are alike so we cater to your individual needs.

Meet Our Team

Stacey Tarango

Owner / Manager


Stacey stands at the forefront of Escrow Junction. Throughout her 28-year tenure, she has witnessed and taken part in the closing of over 65,000 escrow transactions. She started out working part time during high school and college. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from UCLA in 1992 with a degree in Business and Communications, Stacey decided to permanently move back to her hometown where she and her husband have raised their two children. She has been happily working at Escrow Junction ever since. Stacey is a High Desert native and takes pride in ensuring she is providing the best escrow services and products to her community. Stacey can tackle all types of escrows including sales, refinances, tracts, construction loans, AITD’s, and REO transactions.

Denise Housatchenko

Assistant Manager & Escrow Officer


Denise has been working in escrow since 1989. She enjoys her career and it truly shows in her everyday actions. Each escrow transaction is important to her so she will always make sure they flow as smoothly as possible. Denise greatly appreciates her clients that have continued to have trust in her to handle their especially important transactions throughout the years. Denise can handle a variety of escrows which include the sale of homes, vacant land, commercial buildings, and mobile homes on land.

Diane Welch

Escrow Officer


Diane has worked in the title and escrow field for over 30 years, starting as a title searcher and moving into escrow, working her way from a receptionist to an escrow officer. Most of her time working in escrow has been working for Escrow Junction. She has lived and worked in the High Desert for 21 years. Diane will work hard by going above and beyond to get your transaction closed on – she takes extra time and inputs extra effort. Diane has experience in sales & refinance transactions and handling new construction sales and loan escrows.

Katie Whipple

Escrow Officer


Katie has worked for Escrow Junction since 2001. She started as a runner and has since worked her way up through all positions. Katie has been an escrow officer for a little over four years. She has experience with multiple transaction types and her priority is to make her clients have a smooth transaction and feel comfortable with all aspects of the escrow from start to finish. She has worked with many for sale by owners (FSBOS), and processes sale escrows as well as refinances and HELOCS.

Cameron Blue Greene

Director of Sales and Marketing

cblue@escrowjunction.com Cameron started out as the Receptionist where she was answering phones and assisting everyone that walked into the office with a smile on her face. It was not long before she started to assist the head of Business Development with creating new and improved marketing techniques. Her dedication and resilience eventually led her to the position as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Her experience in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry have proven to be of major benefit in her current career. She is also knowledgeable in social media marketing. Cameron loves to research marketing strategies that bring in leads and sales. Cameron’s goal is to make sure her team has the proper tools to engage with their clients, while making sure Escrow Junction’s clients have what they need as well. She takes pride in ensuring Escrow Junction as a company and a brand stay thoroughly equipped with internal and external marketing assets that coincide with the company’s mission and values.

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Over 65k escrows closed!