About Us

Once you’ve identified the ideal buyer, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a reliable escrow company to guide you through the unfamiliar process. That’s where we come in. Escrow Junction boasts a longstanding 37-year history as the trusted independent escrow provider in the High Desert region. Our team of seasoned escrow officers collectively possesses over 100 years of experience, ensuring you have the expertise you need to successfully navigate your transaction.

Why Choose Us

Family-Oriented Community Leaders

Since opening our doors in 1986, Escrow Junction has always been committed to giving back to our local community of the High Desert as well as empowering the real estate community.

Over 65,000 Escrows Closed

Escrow Junction’s experienced and trustworthy escrow officers have over 100 years of combined experience and have closed over 65,000 transactions.

Your Local Independent Escrow

Escrow Junction is truly an independent neutral third party with no ties to any real estate broker, lender or title company. No two transactions are alike so we cater to your individual needs.

Meet Our Team

Stacey Tarango

Owner / Manager

Email: starango@escrowjunction.com
Phone: (760) 245-1966

Diane Welch

Escrow Officer

Email: dwelch@escrowjunction.com
Phone: (760) 245-1966

Katie Whipple

Escrow Officer

Email: kwhipple@escrowjunction.com
Phone: (760) 245-1966

Cameron Blue Greene

Director of Sales and Marketing

Email: cblue@escrowjunction.com
Phone: (760) 245-1966